How to Soothe a Teething Baby Sore Gums

Baby teething problems frequently make concerns, especially in new moms. The process of the baby’s teeth growth often cause sore gums and pain in the baby. As the result, the baby will suffer some other health problems including fever. Besides, the baby might keep up her parents at night for the feeling of uncomfortable for the new teeth.

Every parent should know this process in the baby and don’t have to be panic. By taking care the baby well and understand about how to soothe a teething baby, you can decrease the uncomfortable feeling in the baby including crankiness, drooling and tears. Some tips below may help you to soothe the teething problems including the sore gums and pain as well as about how to take care of the new teeth of your baby.How to Soothe a Teething Baby

Know the characteristics of teething problems in baby to know how to soothe a teething baby

When do babies start teething? Well, each baby may have different time to start teething, but most babies begin the teething process in her age about 6 months. The first teeth that commonly appear on the two bottom front teeth or also called lower central incisors. Next, the teeth that secondly appear are the upper central incisors or the two top front teeth.

There are some classic symptoms and signs of baby teething, such as;

– Always chewing kinds of solid objects she finds.
– Drooling
– Crankiness or irritability
– Tender or sore gums

Some parents also experience their baby got a fever and diarrhea in the process of first baby teething. However, those signs are not true based on the researchers. According to the researchers, the symptoms and the signs of baby teething are only around the mouth and gums of the baby, so it couldn’t be outside of the mouth area.

The Best Way to Soother Baby Teething Sore Gums

Most babies feel uncomfortable when they get teething, solves this problem by doing some tips about how to soothe a teething baby below.

– Using Cold Things

This is an idea that works in the same way like the compressing sprained ankle with traumatized pain. The cold compress with some ice will reduce swelling and pain. To soothe the teething baby sore gums, you can use cool solid foods or cold teether.

Otherwise, you can make something cold to use for the teething soothing such as a wet washcloth that is placed in a clean plastic bag. Then, put the plastic bag inside a refrigerator. You can increase the soothing solve, you can soak the washcloth into chamomile tea. This idea will increase the goodness of the soothing process because it could calm the fussy babies and the chamomile content will also help the baby to sleep easily. The teething baby will love the washcloth after it gets out from the chiller. The baby will munch it enjoyably because the fabric gives some massages the gums’ ridges. Meanwhile, the cold washcloth will numb the pain.

Using a teether or pacifier that has been firstly refrigerated is also a great idea. Avoid to store it in a freezer because the hard frozen teether may damage he gums. Choose the right teethers for your baby so they can enjoy munching it much, such as a type with plastic handle that enables your baby to hold the teether without feeling cold. Most teethers containing some liquid inside and it is possible to leak, so you should concern about it. Alternatively, choose rubber teething rings that is firm and good as teethers. Any type of teether you choose for the baby, make sure it is quite safe for the baby.

Some researchers recently suggested that the baby could use chilled solid fruits as the alternative of teethers. Some solid vegetables like large carrots could also great ideas to alternate the teether. However, make sure you can watch the baby while she is munching the fruits or carrots.

– Giving Some Pressure

When your baby is teething and showing the signs of sore gums, pressing the gums could become a great idea of how to soothe a teething baby. The pressure on the gums is loved by the baby while she is teething because it will reduce the pain. It doesn’t matter to use teether in room temperature if the baby rejects the cold one. Just find other types of teether if your baby don’t love one type of teether you give to her. Besides, you can rub the baby’s gums gently by using a clean pinky finger, it will also become a great idea.

– Trying Some Medication

Another way of how to soothe a teething baby could be trying some medication. You can try topical medication like numbing creams or gels. Rub the topical to the sore gums so it relieves the pain. You can buy the topical in a drugstore. Make sure that you choose the right medication for your baby; it should be certified by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Avoid the topical that contains benzocaine because it isn’t recommended for children under two years old unless you have been prescribed by the child’s doctor.

Instead, you can choose painkillers to soothe the teething baby pain. See your doctor to consult about painful teething in your baby and the doctor may prescribe some painkiller medicine in the right type and also dose. Also consult the doctor if the baby gets other problems such as difficulties to eat solid foods, fever, diarrhea, etc. so the doctor will recommend the best medication. Besides, ask the doctor about whatever type of soothe you choose for the baby’s teething.

Therefore, the key to handle your baby while teething is being patient and don’t be panic. It is just a natural process that happens in all babies. Even if the baby gets fever and fussy at night, stay calm and give more breast milk to calm the baby. See a doctor if the condition of your baby gets worse. The doctor will examine whether the baby got infections or suffering some other health problems. Try some tips above about how to soothe a teething baby and hopefully it will work well.